About Dr. S. R. HollingsworthVictoria (Vancover Island) Podiatrist and Custom Othotic Services

Vancouver Island, Victoria, Sidney, Nanaimo, Podiatrist and Custom Othotic Services

Dr. S. R. Hollingsworth, DPM is originally from Southern Alberta. He attended BYU where he completed a Bachelor's degree as well as his pre-med. requirements. He then attended Podiatric Medical School in Iowa where he completed a four-year medical degree as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Upon completion of podiatric medical school, Dr. S. R. Hollingsworth completed a foot and ankle surgical residency in Reno, Nevada. During his residency, he logged in excess of 500 surgeries and was trained to treat medical problems of the foot and ankle as well as related pathologies.

Dr. S. R. Hollingsworth, now has three Vancouver Island foot clinics located in Victoria, Sidney, & Nanaimo, BC.